The process of using a CBD topicals UK differs from that of ingesting CBD oil or taking gummies. A topical application of CBD involves rubbing it directly into the skin. CBD creams and ointments are most commonly used on the neck, wrists, knees, or other joints that are subject to damage every day. Remember to let your skin settle for a few minutes before applying another dose of our CBD Pain Freeze or Patches. Between 10 and 90 minutes is the average time it takes for CBD topicals to take effect.

Keeping CBD Topicals in a Dry Place

It is important to store topical creams in a dry, cool environment. Keeping them well away from children is highly recommended.

How do I choose a Topical?

Cannabis topicals are selected based on the purpose for which they are being used. The amount of THC and CBD packed into your topical is important, even though they don’t have psychoactive properties. The dispensary might not charge you as much as you expect.

The two compounds bind to the same receptors that we described earlier, but they bind to different binding sites. Their synergistic effect is enhanced by this. All topicals should contain CBD, since it can fight inflammation. For people without access to THC infused topicals or who require topical treatment for surface conditions, hemp-based products with no THC are an excellent alternative.

When it comes to pain management, finding a topical with THC and CBD is best. You could watch half a movie with one and not the other. The good parts will still be there, but half the story will be missing. CBD will generally be the only ingredient in topicals, or it will be diluted with different ratios of THC to CBD.

Exercise or cramp-related muscle soreness can be alleviated with topicals with a greater CBD to THC ratio. The most therapeutically effective topicals contain equal amounts of THC and CBD or have a 1:1 ratio. In addition to arthritis and nerve pain, 1:1 topicals can also relieve muscle spasms.

The psychoactive effects of THC patches were mentioned earlier. The fun-loving CB1 receptors in nicotine patches are also attached to blood vessels when THC is applied in patches. A permeation enhancer facilitates this process. By facilitating cannabinoids’ transit into the bloodstream, they fulfill their name.

The cannabinoids they contain provide both psychoactivity and pain relief, as well as a consistent release of cannabinoids. In addition to THC and CBD, there are also CBN, CBA, and other cannabinoids.


The body chemistry of everyone is different, even though topicals aren’t mostly associated with getting high. Topicals are highly unlikely to produce a high, but it is still possible. THC is still able to enter the body through the skin, even when applied topically, which could lead to a positive THC drug test.